How Common Men and Women Created Civilization

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“Our cornucopia is the human mind and heart, and not a Santa Claus natural environment”
             (Julian L. Simon)

On Common People: "If they are wise, surely the rest of us are fools.
             (George Kennan)

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Table of Contents


Chapter  1  --  The Theory of History

Chapter  2  --  Attempts to Summarize History

Chapter  3  --   The Nature of Intelligence

Chapter  4  --   Philosophers vs.  Scientists

Chapter  5  --  The Stepping Stones of History--Progress at a Snail’s Pace

  • Phoenicia -- The First Merchant State

  • Greece -- The Roots of Democracy

  • Iceland --  Overcoming Geography and Climate

  • The Basques -- The Importance of Undesirable Land

  • Florence and the Italian City States -- Drawing on the Past

  • Holland -- Bourgeois Burghers at Work

  • Scotland -- The Protestant Reformation Realized

  • England -- A Thousand Years of Persistence by the Common People

  • America -- Putting it all Together--The Ultimate Stepping Stone                                                          

Chapter  6  --  Why The West Won

Chapter  7  --  Defining Historical Progress 

Chapter  8  --  Solutions for Less Developed Nations

Chapter  9  --  How Smugglers and Illegals Show The Way 

Chapter 10  --  Did Different Religions Affect Growth? 

Chapter 11  --  European Diplomacy -- Two Hundred Years of Failure 

Chapter 12  --  Drifting Backward--Totalitarianism and Genocide in the 20th Century 

Chapter 13  --  Problems of Mature Societies -- The Intelligentsia Arrives

Chapter 14   --  The Decline of Societies -- Following the Wrong Vision

Chapter 15   --  Concluding Thoughts  

After word -- An Action Plan  --  Guidelines from the Past on Current Issues

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